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Why choose netDNA Storage?


Ask our customers why they choose netDNA Storage, and you’ll hear about our service and support. Our U.S.-based support teams are here 24/7/365 — by chat, Twitter, phone, or support request — to answer your questions. Supporting customers is how 90% of our staff spend their time..


netDNA object Storage Service is a highly scalable, distributed object storage service with integrated compute. Developers can store and process any amount of data at any time where a simple web API call replaces the need for spinning up instances. Joyent Manta Compute operates directly on objects with virtually zero data latency.


When you compare the real costs, netDNA gives you more for your money. Faster hardware, smarter software, and top-notch support might cost a few more dollars, but we think they’re worth it. And our customers agree.


Data stored in netDNA Storage is secure by default; only bucket and object owners have access to the netDNA resources they create. netDNA supports multiple access control mechanisms, as well as encryption for both secure transit and secure storage at rest.

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netDNA is more than just object storage.

Tech-savvy individuals can also use netDNA Storage to back up files, and inexpensively store terabytes of photos, music, and videos.

99.999% uptime guaranteed

Our industry-leading SLA promises hardware, network, and infrastructure uptime of 99.999%.

Highly Durable

By default, netDNA stores two copies of your data in two data centers. Each object can be stored with more or less redundancy, between one and six copies.

Award-winning 24/7 support

Real, live engineers are here waiting to solve your problems by chat, tweet, or phone call.